The Map

Embedded below is an interactive map developed by the FracTracker Alliance – Injection Wells and Hydraulic Fracturing in California’s Fault Zones. It shows that thousands of actively fracked wells (red stars), and wastewater injection wells (yellow diamonds), are located very near seismic faults.

Some wells are located on faults in densely populated areas like Inglewood, a few miles from downtown Los Angeles. Wells are also near faults in Santa Clarita, La Habra, and Long Beach.  In Ventura County, wells are near faults in Ventura and Ojai. And wells, offshore and onshore, are near faults in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria in Santa Barbara County.

The San Andreas fault, one of the world’s most active, is just a few miles from hundreds of wastewater injection wells in Kern County. Near Bakersfield, injection wells can be found near faults north and east of the city. Further north, wells can be found near faults in Monterey, San Mateo, Solano, Sacramento, Glenn, and Sutter counties.

The embedded map can be viewed in full screen and in more detail by clicking the opposing arrows at upper right.  FracTracker also developed a separate interactive map —  California Geological Hazards Map.